Funds MSS. and documentaries

pallino General Notes pallino Funds manuscripts
pallino  The bibliography of MSS-BIBMAN pallino Epistolario Aprosiano
pallino  Archive Umberto Fracchia pallino  Fund Autographs
pallino  Autographs purchased by the 2000 pallino  Fund Nino Bixio (autograph of the Risorgimento)
pallino  Correspondence L. Morpurgo Rodocanachi pallino Inventory of Fund called "Laura"
pallino Inventory of Archive Andrea and Luca Podestà pallino  Correspondence Marco Federici
pallino  Correspondence Giacomo Serra pallino  Box Loria (Correspondance P. Tardy)
pallino  Correspondance Vassallo-Nurra pallino  Letters to the Directors of the Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova (1865-1941)
pallino  The papers of Carlo Guarmani pallino  BLOCK BENEDETTO CASTIGLIA
pallino  The papers of Giacomo Grillo
(documents of Giuseppe Lorenzo Maria Casaregi)
pallino  Autographs of Giuseppe Pitrè
pallino Inventory of The papers of C. G. Chinazzi pallino  File Arturo Issel
pallino  Archive Graziella Conti pallino  BOX E. CELESIA  
pallino  The papers CERVIS  

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