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The handwritten property is made of 2000 codes dating back to the XVI -- XVIII centuries.
Moreover,  the library has precious pieces coming from the XIII century (Messale fiorentino composed for the church of  S. Reparata, illustrated, before 1296 and the Liber Iurium Reipublicae Genuensis, etc), XIV century (Apparatus libri VI decretalium of Guido de Baisio) and XV century (Historia Alessandri Magni of Curzio Rufo in the version of the Portuguese humanist Vasco de Lucena, burgundian code, datable about to the 1475, richly illustrated).
Besides the llustrated codes and the manuscripts of Collegio dei Gesuiti (College Of The Jesuits), the library keeps several documentary and archival funds as the Angelico Aprosio Epistolario (Collection of letters) (5.550 inventory units); the Autografi (Autographs) fund (with more than 14.000 letters); autografi (Autographs) del (of the) Risorgimento (about 3.367 letters and documents concerning Nino Bixio).
Most of the handwritten material, included the ancient catalogues, has been microfilmed.

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